Monday, January 24, 2011

New Foundation~

 I just finished my first semester finals~~ ^.^ I can finally relaxxxxxx..... and blog about my lame life :]

As you guys may remember from the last post, the Paul & Joe foundation was a tad too dark and contained too much of a yellow undertone. I decided to invest in another foundation since a obtaining a decent complexion is more important than anything else. The first foundation that captivated me was the Lancome Teint Miracle. First of all, it comes in a glass tube another with a pump dispenser which is definitely more sanitary. The foundation is also right smack in the middle of a glowy and matte foundation. I just recently realized that my concept of choosing foundations was totally wrong. Since I have acne and am a combination skin type, I automatically assumed that I should definitely go for a matte foundation to mask the oiliness on my face. However the P&J matte foundation caked up my entire face, especially around my nose. :(

In case you guys are germ freaks or newbies in matching foundations, I learned a really useful way where you swatch and match the foundation on your wrist.  ^.^ 

So far I am loving this foundation and would HIGHLY recommend it.

Ivoire 2C
I bought it for $37 at Sephora.

I went to the Premium Outlets in Southern California where I found the L'Occitane outlet. This product was the only one that appealed to me since I'm not too fond about most of their items' scents. hahaha I think this was around $24. Since my mom paid for it, I forgot the actual price. sorry~
Hawaiian Orchid, Barefoot in Barcelona
These are my first OPI nail polishes, and I am truly amazing with the texture. In the past years, I had never really been a nail polish person, and even if I was, I would only get drugstore or one dollar polishes. I know that OPI is probably not as good as those high-brands like Chanel. But hey, these are definitely WAY better than most drugstore ones, I think.
This color (Barefoot in Barcelona) is my favorite. The color on my pinky is actually the Sephora by OPI in Call Your Mother.
This was a Christmas gift from my friend. She bought me the color FEZ, however I haven't used it yet. It always takes me some time to use a newly acquired item.
I have been currently obsessing over neutral colors.

 I ran out of my Garnier Skin Renew cream which worked fabulously on my face. I decided to venture out into other drugstore creams, and came across this. The packaging is just 'meh' nothing special.
If you compare the texture of this to the Garnier, this is definitely has a more thick consistently but more silky texture. I find that this takes a bit longer to be absorbed into my face, but otherwise the effects are pretty much the same.

My colony of acne fighting products. By the way, the Neutrogena toner wreaks of the smell of alcohol. I would most likely not re-purchase the toner again.   

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Jennifer said...

yay!! you're back :D!! i miss your posts <3 love both OPI nail polishes, i think they're far better than China Glaze snowflakes *ahem* Nail polishes...

thanks for the tip! i'm a newbie in matching foundies!

❤~ WinWin ~❤ said...

Thanks for ur comment on my post...

Nice blog... followed u.. follow mi too~ :)


deerest said...

hey hun! In reply to your comment on my blog :] tinted moisturizers are moisturizers which provide a sheer/light coverage hehhe
hope that helps you xx

and please review the lancome foundation soon? :DD:D

Heheheh xx

With Love, Elle said...

i too dint really like p&j foundations and since im oily face im wanting to learn more about mineral foundation! glad u found ur hg!

xoxo elle

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yay to finals being done! I love your cute new wallpaper. =D

I've read good things about the Lancome Teint Miracle foundation. Makes me want to try it! Oh and between OPI and Chanel polishes, OPI is actually better imo. ;)

Blair said...

OPI polishes!! Are you going to try Black Shattered from the Katy Perry collection? Totally salivating over it =]

Am happy Teint Miracle works so well on you, I adore the texture, but the colour is mehh

Venus In Virgo said...

Thanks for the follow,following you back XOXO

Jennifer Scavone said...

great blog! =)
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rakhshanda said...

Welcome back sweety!! Great stff:) Love the Lancome foundation:)
Hey do check out my new site-
Hope you follow too:)
I'll def follow back:)

Eli said...

Hey there thanks for entering my giveaway!
Good luck!~

Leenda said...

Ooo that barefoot in barcelona color looks really pretty and I can wear it to work too! I've heard good things about the Garnier Rescue Moisturizer (is that the one you mentioned?) and I wanted to try it but I'm still not sure yet.

Boxed Up Beauty said...

Love the blog! I was super happy when I go my first OPI polishes. love the colors!

(come by: we are having a giveaway on our blog)

DinaXYYan said...

I love the nail polish color! So pretty~
ryc: So sorry for the late reply but I don't think the L'occitane green tea hand cream is good enough for cracked hands as it's just okay for moisturizing.

PinkOrchids said...

So many goodiessss!!!

mandy said...

So many new things! I haven't gotten around to using the samples of that particular foundation I got. I think the shades are off so I'll probably have to mix the two. =\ I love OPI polishes for their brush! I found that applying nailpolish with a wider brush is much easier (for me at least).

~Lisa said...

Love the polish colourr!!

& I'm holding a giveaway too if you're interested. (Ends next week)

amynaree said...

i have heard good things about that foundation too, been curious to try it myself!