Monday, May 9, 2011

BlogSale: Spring Cleanin

Just cleaned out some makeup that I wasn't using too often. Hopefully someone else will enjoy them more than I did~ I may have some of the product's original box, so ask me if you want it.

To buy, you must:
  1. Pay with paypal.
  2. Must live in the States.
  3. Pay $3.50 for shipping (USPS first class).
  4. No refunds or exchanges.
  5. Email me:     for any questions.
  6. First come first serve basis, and I will NOT hold items.

A) Majolica Majorca Gr 780
B) Majolica Majorca SV 887

 C) MAC Pigment Chocolate Brown


D) Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color 09 Midnight Shine

E) Mini Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Liner
11L, OL, 3L
Used but only OL is sharpened~
$2 each

F) MAC Lime Dandy Glitter Liner
G) Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation 10
Great Foundation but not my shade :(

Used 3x~



Jennifer said...

i have midnight shine too! <3 it forever LOL

Eva said...

haha! i liked the ending it was bittersweet i liked that it wasn't so typical and cliche like all the other dramas.

Oh! I've heard of that one! I think I'll start watching too hehe

I have those 2 dior lipsticks too love them. So jealous you got your hands on ever hip!