Saturday, August 18, 2012

Accessorize Yourself!

To complete the look of your outfit, you most definitely need to acquire some pieces of jewelry to help accentuate your look. 

This season Forever 21 has pulled off some pretty impressive stash of bracelets. Today I present to you all the accessories that I immediately fell in love with. I definitely suggest you look at what these stores have for you this season!

Forever Floral 

Definitely the most expensive jewelry I have acquired from Forever.

Forever Fun
A bracelet for a buck something is definitely a steal. I bet the material and the price and product this is probably half the price already!

Forever Elegant 
I do believe that this mint color is "in" this season. This bangle is extremely elaborate with all the rose and floral outlines. The only bad thing is that it is a tad bit for my small wrists. 

Super Express
I'm not kidding when I say I have been super into tribal print. I love how bold the color combination is for this one. 

The Power of Photoshop!
If you have noticed as well, you actually don't really need to be a great photographer to create awesome pictures. Technology is so convenient nowadays that within a couple minutes we can cheat the eyes of the beholder. 

If you have time to spare, watch my clothing haul. 

Thanks for reading and safe out there. I'm only saying this because I'm currently a newbie at driving so if you see me out on the road. BE CAREFUL! hahaha 

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