Monday, December 21, 2009

Huh.....WHAT it's almost X-Mas?????

After reading Dan's post about X-Mas, I was like hey it is almost X-Mas. However, this year I just haven't been feeling very "Christmasy". I am just lacking the spirit....

Anyways today I went to the mall and dang! There were ALOT of people. So I went to the Nars counter @ Nordstorm (nobody was there, everyone was @ the MAC one) with my mom. I was over there to buy a gift for my friend and I also secretly wanted to buy something for myself. But my mom was there and said I already had too much makeup(which i really don't think i do). I think buying makeup has evolved into a psychological issue. I know I don't need anything but I just want it either because it looks cute or just to make my collection bigger. sigh*

But anywho.......these are my new babies!!!

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in 09 Midnight Shine
Lovely shimmery navy color.
Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in 08 Crystal Sky
Also very shimmery, grayish purple

Swatches~(Left to Right)
Crystal Sky
Midnight Shine

W/O Flash

My second Paul and Joe blush.
This one is 11.
I love the packaging and hey it kinda camouflages with the paper behind it!
Check out the case!!
Hey you can see my camera. :P

Well, after I took these pictures. I accidentally scrapped my nail across the blush. Boy was i sad, but i'm all good now. I HATE it them things like these happens. SOO HEART BREAKING!
Love of Makeup's 100 followers giveaway!!!

Lookie here! Its the Nars Blush in Orgasm!!


Then Enchanted Little Things is also having a giveaway!
Looks soo pretty!

Thanks for the lovely ladies who read and comment on my blog. Love all of YA!


Babybubblz said...

such pretty items! the JS blush looks gorgeous! i've also made a few dents in my makeup from taking pictures =P

Daituf said...

I just tried it!!!! It's amazing!!!
At first I freaked out coz i didn't expect it to feel like jello! I was like "whoa...." Hahah... i so amazed by that
You're right! That color is just gorgeous!!! I can literally use it by itself, and it looks like a pretty shimmery smokey eye!!! I spent way too long admiring it in the mirror XD
Think I will wear it out for tomorrow!

Oh and my dad totally busted me for buying too much makeup too... I promised him no more makeup buys :(
I hope I can stick to my makeup diet... considering how much good deals there are in the states...

Dina (XYYan) said...

i love JS eye jelly too!
the P&J blush looks pretty :)

amynaree said...

oooh js eye jellies! i still have yet to try those but they look gorgeous

Jacqueline said...

Nice hauls!

Love the JS Eye jellies. Please do a swatch of Crystal Sky soon, I would love to see how it looks like.

Mary in Wonder said...

Really nice finds! I like the JS Midnight Shine the most! Such a pretty color! ^.^

Blair said...

omg, those eye jellies look amazing!

Becks said...

sooo pretty!

Eva said...

omg those eye jellies look lovely!! you have to do some looks

freshelle said...

i know! can you believe it...2 days until xmas. time flies!

those eye jellies look so pretty =)

yea when i put on lots of nailpolish (too thick) it chips really easily lol

Daituf said...

And you should do a review of the purple one! :D
I'm also really digging that nail polish you sent! I haven't woren any nail polish for years and years...coz i chew my nails a lot... But this is such a pretty color! And I agree that it looks like Jill Stuart! Looks so good on my dresser :)
Btw, I really appreciate the personal touches you added, like the stickers! And I hang the hellow kitty charm on my makeup bag :D

kuri♥ayu said...

I love the Jill Stuart jelly eye colors! I really want to try them :) And the P&J blush is really cute~

Natalie Nguyen said...

I've been seeing these Jill Stuart eye jellies all over the blog posts!!! You're really making me lemming for them... T__T

Chelle said...

Ah... The Jill Stuart eye jelly in midnight shine... It's coming soon to me too! <3