Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What's in these bags? hmmmm...I wonder

I hope everyone has had a fabulous time with friends and family~
I figured that since it was the holidays I might as well shop and haul somethings because I love myself. (lame reason right??) XD
My new babies' group photo!
Note* I did not buy them all at the same time.

Jill Staurt from my dad's trip to Taiwan which was in November. Its just that I never had the chance to blog about them.
Gorgeous packaging~
Sooo princessy.
I'm so glad that my first experience with Jill Stuart was a happy one.
No cracked eyeshadows or cracked cases.
07 Layered Gem
I wanted to follow Fuz's tutorials on this palette. But I am really sad the Fuz doesn't blog that often anymore....
Anyone else feel the same?
This brands products all smell the same.

Of course I had to try the blush compact. This item was raved ALOT by bloggers!!!
So my first choice was 05 Pastel Peach (or something like that) but unfortunately the Taiwan counter didn't have it. I got 07 Lovely Tulip instead.

mwha!!! I will blow hearts and kisses to this!
The brush is quite soft~
Nars Nars Nars Nars Nars Nars Nars Nars
My love~ Finally a brand that I love that I can actually buy at the store.
Love the case but a bit pricey O.o
Eyeshadow Duo: Earth Angel
Creme Eyeshadow: Corfu
Eyeshadow Single: Strada
Wanted to try out a drugstore brand eyeshadow.
The neutrals on these looked quite pretty.
Blotters! I don't know about you guys but I have one heck of an oily face. waaaaaaa. ;(
These were on sale at Sephora for $4.50
Finally I get my hands on the Korres Body Butter!
I have been telling other bloggers that I wanted to get this but never really had the chance.
Yes I do indeed love my nails. LoL!
I love large particle glitter like these. I found them at Walmart for $1!!!!
Can you believe that??? Only $1. I was in heaven. But then I also saw this Nicole by OPI brand that had a very pretty pink hearts glitters but it was $7. Waaaaa....I couldn't get it.
So I just thought to myself if I can't get it then I'm gonna hide it. hehehe.
And I did go hide it. (very childish of me, right?) No worries I'm gonna go buy it next time. :)
I got a necklace from my fellow friend Emily.
Thank You!!
This necklace has reversible sides.

This is my first time owning something from Bare Minerals.
Color: Blue Moon
My bro got me speakers~
Isn't it adorable???!!!
My first time at Macaroni Grill~
I'm not going to give names or anything.
Why? Cuz I forgot all of them :P

Makes your mouth water....doesn't it? hehe

Eva's Giveaway!

I probably won't be hauling in a very very long time.

Have a Great Break~ <3


freshelle said...

great haul!!! i wanted to pick up the boscia sheets but they weren't on sale in canada : ( sad

Daituf said...

AHAHAH! "I buy because I love myself!!!" That is awesome!!! I'm so gonna use that excuse from now on!!!! XD
Ok, am gonna check out wal-mart for those nail polish... Noooooooo, I think you got me addicted to nail polish!!! I went to the drugstore and got another wet and wild one...this time in black, hehe I feel so goth!!! :D
Wow, layered gem looks so gorge!!! Do a look with it!
Love your speakers! You bro has good taste!

Natalie Nguyen said...

I use the excuse of loving myself and buying ALL THE TIME hahaha! Glad I'm not alone! I'm lovin' all the things you got! That is one great way to indulge. I'm all for it!

viickietoria said...

wow great haul!! omg when i was younger i had that blue glitter love my nails nailpolish!! good memories xD im going back to taiwan in the summer...i cant wait to get myself some jill stuart goodies! i know.. i miss fuz!!

Dina (XYYan) said...

wow, what a great haul! those stuffs make me drooling. the speaker is so cute :)

Eva said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway! and posting about it hehe btw its Eva...not Eve XD lol

OMG NARS =D oooh i really want strada it looks sooo PRETTY! and because of chefcaffy haha!

kuri♥ayu said...

wow great haul! i loveeee the jill stuart palette and all the NARS love :)

Blair said...

05 Pastel Peach is LE. That's why you couldn't find it =[

Swtest2Lips said...

Girl, I just drooled on my desk....lol. Great haul! The speakers look like a little japanese ghost keychain I have that screams and lights up! So cute! Hi Kelly, Im J btw. Nice to meet you. Just wanted to say 'Awesome blog!' and Happy New Year!

DSK Steph said...

I'm seriously drooooling over your haul! I've been eying that Jill Stuart palette forever! It's so beautiful & vintage!

Mary in Wonder said...

hmmm such awesome finds! I claim swatches and EOTDs! HAHAH just kidding! But I'M love with the Tulip blush anyway *.*

uhm that weird mask is supposed to be the speakers? o.O Dunno why but I'm afraid of it! #_#

p chan said...

WOW! Great haul!!! Must have cost you a bomb :D hahaha...Happy New YEar!!!!

amynaree said...

awesome buys!!! love all js goodies and nars too... *drools*

KIITZYY said...

LOL just today my friend told me, "go hide it!!" when i saw these candle holders but decided not to buy it...

if i do end up getting the UD polishes, i'll definitely swatch em for you ;)

Jamilla Camel said...

Excellent haul! It's all gorgeous!!

Peculiar Tings said...

Those speakers are awesome! X)

LOLanne said...

oooooh jill stuart packaging is loveeeeee! it's sooo girly! sucks they dont carry it in canada :(


Hyuna said...

wow amazing hauls! I love jill stuwart+nars! the packaging is sooo adorable :)

Vanilla said...

awww super awesome haul!!
im so jealouss