Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laura Mercier Goodies

Last week a package arrived on my doorstep~ ^.^
I've been waiting for this for the longest time ever. You know that feeling when you get really really excited and just can't help but keeping on looking out the window for the frickin UPS truck? Well, that's what I was like. However the dude didn't even come until 6pm which kept me waiting for like 2 hours. SCREW YOU~ hahaha No, I'm too nice to say that.

My new peeps. I keep on telling myself not to succumb to temptations from all you ladies' fabulous posts on your recent buys. But of course that's definitely NOT possible. I'm just going to let you know right now, my wallet hates you but I luv you! >.-

I picked up the Glided Garden Shimmer Bloc. I wanted to get this shimmer bloc for a whole year now. The funny this is that when I had a chance to get it at my local Sephora; I didn't. I kept on picking it up putting it into my basket and then returning. Finally, I decided to get it again and thankfully the official website still sold them.

The shimmer bloc is soo purtty. I like how the flowers don't have an overspray so after I use it, there won't be an immediate change to it's shape.

Now I'm going to tempt you to buy it :P

Anyways i just think that Laura Mercier has the best service ever~ I didn't even add any codes/or samples to my basket when I checked out online. And when I opened my package, I saw 3 extra items laying around. O.o At first glance, I was like "oh noooo, they messed up my order". hehehe I don't know why they did that, maybe it has to do with a promotion they are advertising right now.

Pressed powder in Real Sand which was exciting until I opened it:
Pet Peeve~ I really really really can't stand it when I opened a palette and the powder is everywhere. grrr

Tone perfecting creme, comes in a little cute jar

Mineral Foundation Primer ~

I got backups for my Givenchy Doctor White UV Protector. This is my HG item~ Truly whitens my skin. LOVES*
Another KATE gel liner. Remember how I really like my other one in BK-3, so I thought I should try the blue one.

This thing is awesome and not to mention quite pricey.

I like it when my hair is kinda wavy. Too bad it's not permanent.

Chic Choc! I was reading my magazines and flipped through this. I remember Fuz saying that Chic Choc was only available in Taiwan now. ummmmm the brand doesn't look amazing but that won't stop me from trying their items someday.
I really want to try the Garnier Aqua Defense but it's only available in Asian countries. I think that all cosmetics should be exactly the same and sold everywhere.


coffretgorge said...

LOL. darn it! i want the gilded garden shimmer block too! but it sold out here already and im really resisting on buying it online, but now THIS post had to come my way! hahaha! im loving the freebies!

that givenchy sunscreen is interesting, i cant wait to travel and look for givenchy cosmetics! hehe :)

i'm loving wavy hair too! i find it easier to make my hair wavy than to make it sleek and straight :P

superwoolu said...

that's a huge box from LM for 4 items!! but i'm glad their customer service is superb! i've totally forgotten about their shimmer block until you've posted photos of it... bahhh *twiddle thumbs*

viickietoria said...

ahh i know i hate it when youre waiting for the ups man.. haha the person who delivers for ups always come to my house around 6 because he knows no one is home... kind of creepy, but thoughtful? LOL. anywoo, great haul! and it is very tempting to buy stuff under the influence of the lovely bloggin ladies (:

Jamilla Camel said...

Excellent Haul! I love Laura Mercier and the shimmer block is so pretty!

Blair said...

LOL I agree with you! I get so envious when I see western cosmetics lines that aren't available here :(

Dina (XYYan) said...

Awesome haul! the blush looks so pretty :)
and thanks for your sweet comment too ;D

Jennifer said...

omg that's a huge haul! :D

Shop N' Chomp said...

What is up with the UPS guys? They get to my place late too. =( Anyhow, that is one super duper haul...wow! The Shimmer Bloc is beyond gorgeous. =D And where do you buy your Givenchy Doctor White UV Protector? Love your EOTD!

Jennifer said...

of course i will review the Cargo blush :)

LittoMokaa said...

Great haul there! I'm tempted to buy Laura Mercier's shimmer bloc now =P But since I can't buy any cosmetics before finishing 10 products, I'm restraining myself! ahha =P


I heard so many wonderful things about LM cosmetic line, I know she is a makeup artist. Well done great haul!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

NICE! I love MC cosmetics, they are so elegant :) I need to shop online more :D

I enjoyed reading all your recent posts :) Will be following ya now =)

Couturemee said...

Looove the postt!!
&& the cosmeticss too ;))

su-pah said...

Ooooh! I love receiving parcels-full of goodies!
I've only tried one thing by LM and I love it, and must say that highlight powder looks stunning! :)

sunniipinky said...

Thanks for following my blog, sweetie. :) Glad I came to check your blog out too. You mentioned you like Stitch in my comments, right? He's just the cutest, right? Totally made me want a Stitchy in real life! xD He's surprisingly popular in Asia but America was so over him a couple years back...unusual since it's usually America that keeps things for a really long while. xD

But anyways, Laura Mercier, I'd totally purchase but the prices are a bit steep for me. xD I tried their shine control powder and really liked it though...I might just invest some clothes $$ into it. :)

That's Ron said...


Vivian said...

wooow big haul haha!
i want to try the chic choc make up it looks so pretty! unfortunately there aren't that many different make-up brands here in the Netherlands... do you know a site where you can order it?

amynaree said...

great haul! i am loving the shimmer bloc, been wanting one in forever but never got it!

박진아 said...

whoah! that shimmer bloc looks awfully tempting.. STOP IT!!!! +_+
how does that Givenchy sunblock work? it whitens your skin? o.O
i'm totally interested...

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

Wow, I love the pink pattern :)

WhiteRabbit'sTime said...

Awesome new goodies! The shimmer bloc is way pretty~^___^
I'm new around your blog and I'm definitely liking it a lot! I'm following~<3


Miss. P

naturalnchicmakeup said...

I'm starting to love Laura Mercier products too. The colors are nice and natural. Great blog you have. Following you now.