Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, the title explains it all~ 

I have been extremely busy, overwhelmed with crappy projects. hahaha But during that time, I did not forget to save some time and of course $$$ for a little haul~
I bought all of these things during the Sephora 15% off promotion, which was like a billion years ago! 

See how long I have neglected my blog? Sorry guys~ ^.^

I have been getting interested in L'Occitane's skincare line. Before, I did not particularly like this brand just because I hated that way they packaged their items. It is Sooo ugly, plain, and radiates a messy feeling to me.
However now when I look at it, it doesn't seem that bad. :)
I really need an eye cream and choose this one:
Rich in Shea Butter Balm

Off of the top of my head right now, I can name some complaints that I have with this particular item
  1. Smells terrible. An indescribable scent. ewww
  2. After I use it and rub my eyes, it kind of just smears off as if it didn't absorb in my skin.
Overall, pretty disappointed. :(

I also bought another Hand Cream which is going to a gift for my mommy on Mother's Day.

Just wanted to inform you guys that I finished my Garnier Nutitioniste Skin Renew and I love it~ However, I probably won't be repurchasing it soon because I want to try out other brands. This moisture cream is immediately absorbed by my skin and is light enough so my acne doesn't worsen.   

Got myself a Dior High Shine Lipstick in Champagne Blush. It's my first one so I'm uber excited to try it out.
I love the golden shimmers infused inside.

Then I have been drinking this:
Can anyone guess what it is? Well, this is actually ground up pearls in a powder form. Weird right?  But it is suppose to make your skin better which makes sense considering that masks sometimes also contain pearl powder. So this is an item that I will just have to wait and see if it works. 

I was received some awards from these lovely bloggers: Coffretgorge, tramstabalaboopy, and Little Mokaa.

I'm gonna give these awards to all of my followers. hehehe I'm cheating right? Whatever~ :D


lilluna5416 said...

I like ur lipstick I love the Dior lippies, they are my faves!

pchan said...

i have champagne blush too! its a pretty colour but the shimmers will stick to your lips even after the colour has faded! which kinda irritates me :p

oh! i used to eat pearl powder when i was a kid!!! i would take a small amount on a table spoon, pour a little warm water in and mix it with a toothpick! tastes nasty. but i guess its good for the complexion!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Kelly, you are so cute. *^_^* I love the color of your Dior lippie. Let us know how you like it! Oh and what does the pearl powder taste like? I'm curious. ;)

coffretgorge said...

Hello K! welcome back! :) thanks for the heads up on the L'occitane eye cream, i usually don't like creams in jars, i prefer bottles or better yet, pump bottles :)

oh you picked a lovely color for your first dior lippie! let us now how you like it! :)

Dina (XYYan) said...

I've always been curious about L'Occitane hand cream! I've tried the pearl powder before, and it doesn't taste nice at all.
ryc: oh, i didn't notice it until you mentioned! the blush and the gaga lipstick do look alike :D

Maggie said...

The Dior lippie looks so pretty!

*Still doesn't own one but always looks at them for ~10 minutes at the Dior stand at Sephora...T__T*

Blair said...

My mum refuses to buy pearl powder for me to drink. You'll have to update us =D

It's a pity that the L'Occitane Shea Butter eye cream didn't work for you :(

Miss K. You said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for visiting my blog! Your brother is so nice to send you a package with so many goodies! Are you from the Bay Area btw? I saw your visit to SF post and recognized the photos from my hometown :)