Thursday, July 15, 2010

Missed ME? Probably NOT! hehehe

Yo guys!
So I'm back from a long period of time of being absent. ^.^

I think from the couple months of stopping with blog posts; I had time to reflect about all the makeup I have the practicality of each and every one of them. I honesty have to say that the majority of my eyeshadows and blushes are just going to sit there until they basically rot. It's really sad to say this but hey, that's reality. So I'm going to cut back on my spending and probably do a Pan Project. 

I was seriously going to write all that on my post but that's bullshit (excuse my language).
I mean, man, I don't think I could ever stop buying makeup and it's an ADDICTION. bwhahahaha I'm going to real and down to earth here, no BS stories and thoughts will occur on my bloggy :) 

Nothing has really happened to me while I was gone from the blogging world. BTW I definitely have been reading blog posts while I , myself, was too lazy to write any. I just have to say that I admire those of you for being extremely dedicated to blogging. GOOD JOB~

My birthday happened to be in June and although I was not really looking forward to growing older, my bestie friendy still prepared some gifts for me. I just feel an overwhelming sensation of gratitude within my heart.

She got me the Harajuku summer edition fragrance. I LOVE the doll, perched above the actual perfume.

Then my relatives came from Taiwan to visit us. My aunt completely took me off guard when she surprised me with an Anna Sui eyeshadow palette. She knew that I was into makeup from last year, but I just never knew that she would be the type to handpick out a color. 

I was seriously going to get a purple eyeshadow palette too. I've been looking into the Lunasol Lavender Coral palette for the longest time ever, however, I think that this palette will do too. Anyone want me to do swatches?

LOL I got the summer edition Queen magazine ^ .^ Can't believe that the dude with caterpillar eyebrows is on the front cover.

The Lunasol collection is eye-catching.

Finally, I got the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel. However, little did I know that people with acne are not suppose to use exfoliating gels. :( SUCKS

My face has recently broke out again. All of this FREAKIN' acne is killing me. You know, when you get those enormous pimples that hurt like heck when you gently touch em? Well I've got tons of those little babies ._.

I picked up some face cleansers at Walmart. I'm not going to review them though, cuz I know that will the heck out of you :P

OK first of all, about the Kit Kats.....clears throat.....they are honesty not as great and delicious as I had thought. OMG, I can't believe that I'm saying this; I'm probably going to get hater comments. So as I was saying...these chocolates were too sweet for my preference. I'm a dark chocolate kind of girl so yup. Just a heads up for you guys that don't like chocolate that sweet.  But I won't ever regret trying them out, just look at the packaging ( too cute ).

LOL I went a little crazy and bought five of them in Mitsuwa.
This is the Mancha (i think) green tea.

My dad BBQ steak for us; he's getting better at doing it every time. Which just means tender and juicier  steak for me. hehehe

I went to this Korean Restuarant during my trip down to L.A. It was interesting how you cooked the meat and not to mention the rice paper thing that you wrapped the meat inside was unique. YUMMY.

Went to Pier 39 again with my relatives. LOL They ordered the banana boat thingy, which is definitely not something that I would usually get however it looks so pretty.

Went cherry u-picking sometime in May and most of them were too small for my mom's liking. LOL whatever......

Thanks for READING my long (or at least I think so) blog post. Was it tedious? 
Hopefully I will get to fly back to Taiwan sometime this year, so I can get goodies for upcoming giveaway. :) Keep ya fingers crossed~

I was awarded by Tramstabalaboopy~ THANKS!
1. Post who gave you this awarded
2. State 10 things that you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.
  1. Playing Modern Warfare on the PS3
  2. Dancing to k-pop
  3. Watching Korean Dramas
  4. eating hot cheetos
  5. trying to bake cookies without a recipe
  6. chillin with friends at the movies
  7. swapping
  8. eating on my bed while on the computer
  9. going to Taiwan to meet relatives
  10. Eating at Chipotle (screw Taco Bell) :D


missklicious said...

That Anna Sui palette is SO pretty! I love the colours!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Welcome back! So many goodies in one post :D. That's so sweet of your aunt to get that pretty palette~
Btw, thanks for entering my giveaway and the sweet words :)

eli_7 said...


OMG I am soo jealous you got so much stuff!.... The Anna Sui pallette looks gorgeous.
Wish I could go back to Taiwan this year :/


Naka said...

great presents and sorry to hear about ur acne :(

Maggie said...

Welcome back!
That Anna Sui palette looks so pretty. Would love to see swatches or a look with it. I want to try the new St. Ives stuff too, but I'm going to finish my current stuff first. I would be whoring over the Kit Kats if I had access to them where I live. But then again, I love my sweets. :P

Leenda said...

The steak looks sooo good! lol Of course I would comment on food right? hahah I laughed at your comment on the dude with caterpillar eyebrows. lol

Shop N' Chomp said...

I am with you on #4, 6, and 10! Happy belated b-day to you, girl :D Love all the gifts you received especially that super pretty Anna Sui palette! You also reminded me to go pick up a copy of Queen. ;)

~Lisa said...

Welcome back! I just recently came back as well. I got caught up with school and I was just too lazy to blog =P

But I love the goodies you got! I'm the sweet chocolate type of girl so you can pass those down to me *wink wink nudge nudge* LOOL

And I reallllyy want to go visit Taiwan someday! There's soo much beauty products I wanna get there that I can't get in Canada =(

Oreleona said...

welcome bax\ck!!!

awwn out of the 10 things you like i can relate to
2. Dancing to k-pop
3. Watching Korean Dramas
4. eating hot cheetos
5. trying to bake cookies without a recipe
8. eating on my bed while on the computer
(my parents always yell at me for this!! i cant eat without any drama playing it just seems boring bahaha)

10. Eating at Chipotle (screw Taco Bell) :D

the guy on the magazine isnt that Ethan Ruan?

Tammy said...

The Anna Sui palette is so cute!!! It has such adorable colours and purple is so easy to use <3 <3

Natalie Nguyen said...

I like your honesty~ I agree, it's totally like an addiction.. and I'm in total withdrawal with no job and all hahaha~! I think it's things like these that can only make me stop buying... but I'm sure that if I start raking in money again, it's guaranteed that I'll be buying again.

Silkybow said...

what a fabulous post, lusting over most of them! :D

DiWiMakeup said...

happy belated bday! i feel you on the whole makeup addiction thing. I have over 20 lipsticks and lipglosses. im sure thats more than enough to last me a lifetime but i just cant resist buying!!


coffretgorge said...

welcome back dear!!! it was a long post so forgive me for the long comment. here we go! ;)

im glad you had a fun birthday, your bestie is really sweet to give you that super kawaii harajuku lovers perfume. does it smell good and linger long? :)

the anna sui palette looks nice and the shades are pretty too! love the plastic sleeve with butterfly details :) any eotds? ;)

lol on mr caterpillar brows! why is he on the cover?!

oh yeah, i wouldn't recommend you the laneige peeling gel if you have acne right now, it would hurt like hell! plus it might aggravate them and cause redness :|

OH... :( I've been lemming for the LE kitkats for a while now but now that you've mentioned its super sweet, I def. made my lemming subside. :) thank you for the honest opinion! :D the packaging is really cute though :P

OMG lurvey will drool when he sees that steak grilling! hehehe you're making me hungry with the foodie takes! the cherries looks so organic and fresh. beautiful! :)


I love your purchases, they are really nice.

AnnaYJia said...

Hi sweetie ^^ I'm a new follower to your blog. You got a nice blog ! Feel free to follow back my blog too ^^

The Anna Sui palette is so gorgeous and yes , please do the swatches ~~~lol..


wow, u r lucky to hv the award.. agree with you that they are the awesome blogger out there who can dedicate their time in blogging. by the way, i like ur anna sui palette. cheers!

projectvee said...

mm this post was so delicious looking hehe, the kitkats :) i like the green tea one.

hope you had a good birthday - mine is coming up as well, and i hate the thought of me getting older! such a difference from when i was a kid, and super excited for birthdays :P

Penelope said...

Great gifts! The Anna Sui palette is gorgeous! thanks for commenting on my post. I've seen the new JS collection on a blog and it looks amazing!

Kei Kei said...

Aiyah product envy O.O Anna Sui makeup!

Love your posts.