Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long-Waited Haulage

It was been a while since I have hauled beauty-related items, so I'm glad to be back on track. 

I was requested to do some swatches of the Anna Sui palette, so here it is. I didn't do an EOTD with it, because I haven't found a suitable look yet. The first time I tried out the palette my dad jokingly said it looks like I have a bruised eye. LOL 

I don't know if my palette is defected or not, but that lavender color moves around in the pan! O.o I was like "Are you kidding me?" 
PSH! So much for being a high-end eyeshadow palette.
NO Flash
The dark purple color is pretty pigmented, however the rest is just OK. Just for your information all of these eyeshadows have a heavy perfume scent. When I say heavy, I mean HEAVYY! So basically it unpleasantly reeks of perfume. As you know Jill Stuart palettes also have a particular smell, but those aren't overwhelming at all.
w/ flash

I went to the mall two days before Mac's In the Groove Collection came out to hold Petticoat. Little did I know that, Stereo Rose was the one that people were hyping up. I seriously thought that people were going to go nuts about Petticoat. I do wish that I picked up Stereo Rose too though. I missed my chance. I feel that whenever I have a chance to buy something I don't, then I end up wanting it really badly when it's all sold out. Causing me to have to hunt it down by all means. Have you guys ever experienced that? 
I got one with TONS of veining.

As you guys know, I originally was not a Mac fanatic. However, I feel myself slowly gravitating towards the brand.
The stupid manufacturing people put TWO plastic inserts into my MSF. hahaha
Then I went on Makeup Alley and swapped with Christine for a Mac Marine Life. Once again, I chose not to purchase this when I had the opportunity. sigh..... 
I am in love with Mr. Seahorse~ I really wish the gold part wasn't an over spray
I definitely think that this is Mac's prettiest creation ever.
I have only opened the lid twice~
Call me CRAZY. whatever....

Package Number TWO
I ordered something from Adambeauty. My order came in 4 business days, which is pretty darn fast for $2 shipping. 

I got the Coffret D'or Spring Collection eyeshadow palette in 04. This one was the one that caught my eye ever since that collection came out. I saw lots of blog posts on this palette, and people seemed to adore it too. ^.^

Though Coffret's packaging is nice, but I absolutely hate seeing my fingerprints all over the palette. oh well. Nothing is perfect.

It is stunning in person, especially the peachy shimmery color in the center. 

I went to Target to check out their drugstore makeup~

This is what I came home with~

 A new Revlon eyelash curler because the one that I am currently using is getting old, well , the rubber part. I decided to get the black one because it reminded me of the Chanel curler, and it looked kinda bad ass. ^.^ Hopefully this won't pinch my eyes.

Next I got myself the Lash Stiletto, however it's waterproof this time. It was a value pack, so it came with a eyeliner. It states that it is the "Ultimate Precision" Liner, but that's just BULLSHIT. I will show you why in my next post~

As you may know, I have been having acne problems lately. So I decided to the Neutrogena Rapid Clear gel. It sounds pretty convincing, saying it fights and fades acne. I will do a review after two weeks of using it. 

I am so excited about getting the Garnier Cream Gel~
I have seen this product in my Tawainese magazines, and on blog posts too. It finally arrived in the US.

I think that the baby aqua color is really adorable. I bought it for $6.99, which personally I think is quite a good deal!

Thanks for Reading~


Therese Jane said...

oooh! New layout? I like!

Love the MAC marine life. Mos def their prettiest collection yet (though iconic, they're Hello Kitty line was pretty simple).

Is the lash stiletto mascara really good? Comparable to Lash Exact or perhaps better?

Leenda said...

Nice haul! The eyeshadows look really nice! Also, I've been seeing those MAC items on a majority of other beauty blogs and they look sooo nice! =]

Pammy said...

A very pretty haul! :P Love the e/s palettes and the MSF.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I'd love to try the Garnier cream! It looks so nice, like many of those Asian moisturizers :D

Hmm, I'm usually pretty good when it comes to makeup collections from MAC. I'm never really up to date with fashion or makeup but when I do have a chance to get it, I will! hehe :)

coffretgorge said...

oh wow very nice kelly! im glad you got to get marine life! i wanted that one too! but just accepted the fact it was sold out and tried to forget it. hahaha!

sorry about the anna sui palette, maybe you can return it and get another palette which isnt defective?

have a good weekend love! :)

Kristie said...

Great haul. I love Marine Life as well. It's sooo pretty :)

Denysia said...

Love the Haul! I've really been into MAC recently as well! I think it might just be because a lot of other people are talking about it! And I want to get it! :)

Fruity Lashes said...

that anna sui palette is really pretty. love the butterflies on it. and great swap and hauls. the MAC seahorse is so cute.

Tammy said...

What intense hauling! heheheh Don't worry about not getting Stereo Rose! i think Petticoat was prettier anyway ;) And at least you snagged urself the Seahorse guy haha I went to look forhim but he was all sold out when I got to the mall!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Lucky you got the Petticoat and Marine Life! They're really pretty.
Yay, we have the same Coffret palette :D.

Yumeko♡ said...

Amazing Haul!!:D
I really like MAC highlight powder, & I think im gonna try the Garnier cream gel!!(:
Also Can't wait to see the Neutrogena Rapid Gel review!:D <3

eli_7 said...

wowah haul :) Loving all the products :)
I've heard about a few bad Anna Sui packaging but hopefully the quality erases that out :D

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Massive haul! Love it and jealous!
I have to agree that the MAC's items now are one of the prettiest! Good selection by the way ^^

Gaby said...

You've got lovely goodies!

The new Garnier products just arrived in stores where I live. I'm super curious over them, and I would love if you could do a review of the gel-cream, please please please? Thank you!! =DD

Shop N' Chomp said...

The weekend's here...woo hoo!! XD Hey, you might not have gotten Stereo Rose but Petticoat still gets a lot of positive reviews. :D I know what you mean about missing out too. You're lucky that you got Marine Life b/c I wanted that one. Oh wellz. =\ Your Coffret D'or palette is beyond pretty! I still haven't tried this. *blushes* Let us know how you like the Garnier Cream Gel. :)

~Lisa said...

Woo! Super haulage!! I love everything here! ^^

Natalie Nguyen said...

Yay for haulages!! Haha I'm the same.. I miss my chance a lot of the times too... but then get too mad to even bother trying to find one XD.

Anonymous said...

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Josh Healy said...

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Eva said...

Awesome haul!! that coffret d'or palette looks really nice!!

Bobby said...

Nice haul, loves it :)

Lilladylife said...

re: hello!!! yup i saw cadaques and beverly hills. Both are pretty!!!! but i have so many pink blushes i was determined to be different this time haha

Miu said...

woah.. ur swaps..are amazing.... n i love your sea horse too!

Nic Nic said...

lovely haul there! both the Marine Life and Stereo Rose were so popular!

LittoMokaa said...

Hi there! Nice haul! :D Did you changed your blog name or something? because I don't get your blogs post update anymore! I was sure I was following your blog but when I hit the "follow" button it seems that I wasn't a follower anymore o_O Oh well =P Now re-following xD

Jennifer and Sherry said...

thanks for the makeup review!! i enjoyed reading it and learning :)

Jennifer & Sherry

With Love, Elle said...

luv ur layout!!!!!
ooo u got the seahorse, its the 2die4 thingy!!!! show us ur swatch ya, cant wait ^^

i <3 coffret too, but sometimes i nid a wee bit of strength to rub the colors on me eyes hehe

xoxo elle

Gayle is Volatile said...

WOW. This is one major make up haulage! Lucky, lucky girl!

-Gayle from

Shirley said...

was MAC-crazy back in Taiwan. ahhh, miss those days...used to see lots of those Garnier stuffs in Watson's but never tried them out, pls. do a review on that Garnier stuff you have. is it good? should i try it or not? thanks!

Cutie Fishball said...

oh I got the same coffret d'or palette, I have been drooling over it and I posted it on my blog too, the colors are so wearable and the texture is nice right? The only thing I wish was the box wasnt made of shiny plastic... i got fingerprints all over it and it's not sexy...