Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Naked Today~

Yo Yo Sup~

I have been gone from blogging for more than a month. ^.^ I just have ONE word branded on my forehead SLACKER. My life has been a complete bore. Zzzzzzzzzzz

Hahaha as if you peeps haven't seen enough of the Urban Decay's Naked palette. LOL 
I have seen this palette pop up on too many blogs. Just had to say that Naked is the weirdest name ever.

Go ahead and scroll downwards to my other shizzzzzz if you are fed up with UD.

meh, all this unnecessary commotion of this palette on the internet has made me tired of talk'n about it.
blah. blah. (can't think of anything to say)
not a fan of cardboard/paper packaging

Barbie Loves Stila~ damn people didn't secure the palette with extra bubble wrap.

how did i know that this was going to happen? I'm serious. I had a gut feeling that it was gonna break. F******
 O.o           NOOOOO

I called Hautelook, but they didn't have another one. I didn't feel like returning it cuz two of the eyeshadows were still in good conditions.
I attempted to re-pan one of the shadows. LOL it was my best attempt to make it look like other shadows.
Before, I only had two brushes which were a blush and shadow. Finally decided that it was time to get new ones.


Includes 5 brushes.

Three of  them are eyeshadow brushes.

Won a Giveaway~
I hardly ever win anything because I have bad luck~ :(

I had won The Makeupholic's Giveaway. Thanks so much for holding the giveaway.
I'm pumped to be adding more Mac things to my collection.
Mac Earth to Earth Blush

Mac Silverthorn

Mac What a Do!

Mac Chocolate Brown Pigment

I bought the Mac 239 brush one or two weeks ago. It was my first eyeshadow brush. ^.^


Leenda said...

You got a lot of awesome stuff!! I want the Naked palette so bad! lol That sucks that the stila palette broke. =(

Maggie said...

Love your hauls! So sad about the Barbie x Stila palette -- poor thing! What are your thoughts on the brushes so far? :)

I'm SO tired of the NAKED palette. I don't understand why everyone's rushing out to get it when it's NOT limited edition. I guess it's to be included in the hype?

But whatevs, I need to get my hands on the UD Vegan palette because that's limited edition and the artwork is amazing! ^^;

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

Yay! You're back :D Ugh, I'm so sick about hearing about the Naked Palette tooo! Jeez. Lol!

Nice haul tooo!

Emma <3

Miss ♥ Nikka said...

I love the UD naked palette! Great haul. That sucks your stila shadow came in broken ): But the brushes look so pretty and cute! How did I not know about this sale?! I want that brush set! lol Congrats on winning, those are great prizes!

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Love the UD palette! :) And the giveaway you won... yay!!! :)
The Stila brushes look great!! I'm sorry about the eyeshadows :( AW! They should give you some credit at least!

Eli said...

congrats on the win :)
so sorry about the makeup..i hate it when things like this happen :( But I read on a blog somewhere if you add this chemical thing to it and leave it in, it goes back to one whole piece, although its not the same as the original...
The brush set looks so good! I've been meaning to buy one but all of them are so pricey..are the stila ones any good?

Dina (XYYan) said...

You've got the Naked palette! The Stila brush set looks really cute. and Congrats on winning, awesome goodies :D

Pammy said...

Oh no! They could've done better with the Stila palette. They knew eyeshadows are fragile. :( Congrats on winning!

~Lisa said...

Woot! Lots of stuffies and congratz on winning!!!
Sucks about the broken eyeshadow, but hopefully it's still usable!

Makeup Morsels said...

aw too bad about the stila palette. congrats on winning the giveaway!

May @ Rad said...

Is the Naked palette a limited edition? I must have it! Almost every other blogger has one. =( and awww to your stila palette. =( But the brushes you have look promising. ^^ congrats on winning the giveaway too

Tammy said...

Hey Popcorn great to see you back!!^^

Ooh I was gonna order stuff from Hautelook when they were having the Stila blowout too but I'm kind of glad I didn't...last time I ordered from them it took like 5-6 wks to get into Canada O_O

Ooooh so lucky on winning the giveaway! <3

Shop N' Chomp said...

Congrats on winning! Sorry to hear about that Stila palette though. Was Hautelook at least able to give you a credit? And omg, I totally love that brush set! Way cute :D

Diana said...

Great products! Are you going to repress the stila shadows?

Natalie Nguyen said...

Oh no, darn those cracked shadows =\ Hopefully you get to repress them.
Loveee the MAC stuff. I have yet to buy my first real sized MAC brush hehe.

Fruity Lashes said...

hmmm the more i see UD naked palette the more i'm wanting it =x my heart cries when i see the broken stilla palette. things like this really suck. but everything else look awesome and congrats on winning the mac stuff.

Lil said...

your blog is very lovely, just stumbled across it :)
hope you can come visit and support mine, if you like!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yay to Strapya! XD

How are you, girl? Hope to see you blogging again soon!

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

Heeelllo! I've tagged YOU for an award on my awesome blog ^__^ Here is the link..
You totally deserve it! ;D

Emma <33

aichandayo said...

Hi I'm having a blog sale. do you mind if I advertise it here?
This is the link.
I want to sell some one my lunasol palettes but don't know how.
Could you please advertise it for me?
thank you so so much! >''<

gingerSnap said...

luv the naked palette;)

coffretgorge said...

Kelly! i like that brush set from stila! any good? sorry that your barbie palette broke, i think u did a good job in pressing the broken shadows back to the pan. ;)

RYC, Dollywink lashes are quite expensive and tend to be bigger and longer than other lashes, so i cant really recommend them based on price and size especially if you have small eyes (rhymed! lol). but the lashes are of good quality, so if you're a fan of dollywink, go for it! :)

mandy said...

RE: Thanks for the reminder! Actually I plan to go to Sephora after school today :P I probably won't be getting another foundation anytime soon..going to enjoy my MAC Face & Body for now! Do you plan on getting anything with the sephora gift card?

PinkOrchids said...

That's not a mini haul, it's a major haul!! But so many goodies, so bad that the eyeshadow was all broken though, they should send you vouchers or something to make up for it!! The earth to earth mac blush looks so good, will you be swatching or doing a fotd with it? Lots of love! xX