Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Isty Bitsy Haul

Hey guys~

How has everyone been? Hope you guys are all well. :) This year 2010 is rolling by again...shocking right?

Anyways, I haven't been hauling that much...i think. hahaha

I ordered some Paul & Joe items from bglowing, which back then they had a awesome coupon of 30% off in October. I've tried the PJ primer before and fell in love with the texture & finish of the product. Due to both my acne and pimple issues, my face looks better with matte finishes. 
Everyone interested in PJ should email subscribe to bglowing. I feel like they periodically give out coupons. :D

Paul & Joe Protective Foundation Primer~

Got shade too which looks more orange than the original color, but the orange shade fades after even application.

It is suppose to mask pores...hmmm we'll see

Paul & Joe Creamy Matte Foundation 10
I purchased my first foundation ever which made selecting the color really hard for me. LOL and I just happened to chose a color too dark and yellow for my face. :D hahaha should have known better
it is so freaking small
swatch time

apparently you get samples with every order. ^.^
mascara is suppose to help your lashes GROW
Gotta love Costco for their diversity of makeup brands. Purchased this for $19.99, and it's original price is $29.


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Yay! :) Paul and Joe products are great, aren't they? :D Aww, sorry about the foundation. I hope you can return it and find a matching one :)

Denysia said...

I love P&J! Awesome deal! :)

May @ Rad said...

I like the NARS duo! could you do a swatch of it? :)

Tammy said...

What a steal for the NARS duo, I didn't see it on sale myself --sad! T_T

~Lisa said...

Awesome haul!! The NARS duo is a definite steal, it's like the original price of drugstore shadows! I don't think I would get it since it's not the colours that I can imagine myself using =/

Great P&J products! I really want to try it but the price tag really makes me cringe. Especially when they're sold in-store here in's close to $100 a bottle.

Penelope said...

Great haul! sorry to hear the colours didn't suit you :( The Paul and Joes foundation bottle looks beautiful!

coffretgorge said...

aw! you cant return the foundation?

i have the P&J UV primer but i gave it to my mom because i believe it broke me out, i hope it works better on you! :)

RYC: if ever you're shopping for more JS eye jellies get those two i reviewed (09 and 10), they have the best pigmentation! I think Hong Kong has lower prices now for JS compared to Taiwan. ;)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi babe! How are you? =D Nice P&J haul. Thanks for the tip on subscribing to their emails! I haven't seen that at my Costco. Maybe they don't carry it. T_T Hope not! Is it working for you?

alysiahh said...

nice haull!!!! :) thaks for sharing! :D

visit my blog!

wuguimei said...

Yes, <33 Costco! Haha. They had Covergirl LashBlast for like $10 for a pack of three the last time I went, but sadly, they were all OSS. lol.

Aryn said...

Please do a swatch of the nars duo. Im def subing so I can see some lovly pictures!

aryn from

Shirley said...

nice haul~
haven't tried P&J before. the jar is sooo cute...

Kristie said...

Oh whoa..I didn't even know Costco carries Lancome mascaras. That's awesome!

With Love, Elle said...

wats the colour of the p&j primer?

xoxo elle

alcupcake said...

Love your haul =)
I tagged you for the versatile blogger award! You can read about it here: