Friday, August 19, 2011

Taiwan Beauty Haul~

This post will obviously be all about the beauty goodies I purchased during my summer vacation. I actually ended up really limiting the items to get due to the fact that I probably will never end up finishing half the items I get. :) I also feel that Japanese drugstore cosmetics are not cheap period...or it maybe it's because the US dollar isn't worth very much any more. hahaha

The only Naruko item I bought/tried. Really does have a clay texture & also has some exfoliating beads inside.
I had to try the Shu Uemura BB, since it was on sale at the Shu Uemura Outlet for only NT 810 which is roughly 28 US dollars. GREAT DEAL~

Heard too many good reviews on the Koji Liquid Eyeliner, so I had to see what all the buzz was about. Also replenished my fav. lip balm
Went to my local Watsons and purchased some Integrate goodies. I figured that I didn't have that many purple eyeshadows so I chose this color. 

The mascara is actually pretty good! I like how it isn't extremely hard to remove like the MM Lash Expander. This is a non-waterproof mascara, so it just basically can be removed with water.
Officially in love with the Maquillage Eyelash Curler. It seriously works wonders on asian eyelashes~ I suffered no problems of pinching. A+++ I was actually surprised to find this in Taiwan since it is only sold on counters in Japan. I bought it from a small store in Ding Hao Ming Dian Cheng which imported Japanese beauty stuff.
I'm pissed about getting FAKE Princess Lee Eyelashes, but I could not find the real ones anywhere! 

Now these eyelashes are actually pretty cute! Each box was only NT 250 or around 9 US dollars.

Of course I had to stock up on the My Beauty Diary Masks! When I buy masks, I actually don't really care what each flavor states it can do. For instance, some say that they can whiten or firm the fact etc... All I really care about if the SCENT/SMELL of the masks because after all the different kinds of MBD I've used all they have done is just moisturize my face. So that's the most I expect them to do. :)
Stay Tuned for my next post on: KOREA BEAUTY HAUL


The Vain Girl's Palette said...

the shu uemura bb cream looks so interesting, have been thinking about getting that from sasa.

can't wait for the korea haul~! x

mandy said...

Nice haul :]
You only wanted to try that one naruko item? lol After hearing about them I wanted to try it all! :X
How'd you find out those lashes were fake?

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Wow!!! Nice haul!!! :) I wish I could go to Taiwan right now!

Cutie Fishball said...

I didnt know that Shu Uemura has an outlet! Great deal for the BB mousse! (well this time I paid much more than you!)

And I love Princess Lee eyelashes! I love how soft and natural they are! I once get fake one and they just dont feel right.... Cross 7 is very natural looking too! I love it!

The Naruko line I got the white head remover.... it rocks! my pimple just dies overnight...

So jealous about your MDB masks! They are just wickedly expensive here in the US!

Maggie said...

Lovely haul! It's been almost 10 years since I went to Taiwan last -- I wonder how it's like now?

Jess said...

I looove your Taiwan haul! I got the MBD Mask Set and the Earl Grey Mask too! Sad that I couldn't find the Shu Uemura BB Underbase Mousse anywhere! :(

mizzsandychau said...

wow nice haul! i'm going to taiwan in october, you give me some ideas on things to pick up =)

cushy said...

that's a lot of MBD masks, but one can never get enough, rite? can you do a review on the naruko clay cleanser?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg your haul. @_@ Love all those masks...hehe. Now I want to try that eyelash curler!

Nat said...

When I saw the Princess lashes I was like omgg! But then you said fake and I was like oh haha.
I agree with you on the MBDM- they pretty much only moisturize. Love the haul!

Gemi said...

i so wanna try my beauty diary mask .. they are on my want list but haven't got around to them ..

Carrie said...

So many skincare and makeup products! Always love MBD masks ^^