Tuesday, November 15, 2011


To me, feeling jealous about someone (some girl) is the worst feeling ever. The thought that she is prettier, more social, more likable. Once it is in your head, you tend to think about it more and more. It kills you as you are unable to remove that thought that virus away from your head. I tend to over think situations, and I try to become a person I am not. 
However, recently I have analyzed my thoughts. What exactly is the POINT of being jealous of someone? Why would you want to become someone you are not? Even if you do strive to become that person, in the end, you will only become the SHADOW. You will never be you. People who surround you like you because you are you. They choose to be with you because you are yourself. DO NOT FORGET. 

I have recently been addicted to tumblr! Check it out. 

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