Friday, April 6, 2012

Sephora Picks

RANT: Checking out at Sephora, the SA rang up the total to be $66.56. I gave her $80 then found out that I didn't press ok for the gift card to go through. Then it ended up being $56.56. The SA told me the amount I gave her was correct. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? haha Good thing I told her she had my $80 in her hand or else I would have lost $20. 

Anyways, I could not resist the 15% VIB sale from Sephora. I have no regrets to any of the items that I bought. Usually, I feel a bit guilty for spending too much money on some of the beauty products I purchase, but not this time. On the side note, for some reason I always go buy things on the last day of the sale. Mhmmm I just thought that was pretty weird. 

My Picks

Daisy Eau So Fresh
 OK, so I have been wanting this perfume for the LONGEST time ever...well, I think it was pretty darn long time (December). I was always a big hesitant to purchase it since it is a big whopping 72 bucks! I had gotten Miss Dior Cherie in December but later returned it since the scent was too strong and sophisticated for me. I need a nice floral youthful scent...which is this one. 
 I received the birthday gift even though my birthday is nowhere near this time. I signed up for a false birth date on my account, so apparently it is in April. 

Weird Story: You know how I went to Sephora yesterday right? Well, I actually desperately needed to get some things because I was dying to get the birthday gift. Since you also know that I signed up for the wrong birth date, I was totally expecting to get my gift yesterday. However, the first time I went in the sales associate didn't give me it. (sad face) Then I decided to go for round two, purchased the Nars eyeliner, expecting to get my gift. But NO GIFT. So I had to ask her for the gift and lied about my birth date again >< Wheww... Good thing I chose April 10th because I just threw out a random date. 

Nars Eyeliner Black Moon

Swatch of the liner ( left one of course) 

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