Friday, March 30, 2012

March Weekly

Starting today I will be doing a new series of posts which will incorporate a bunch of random things/thoughts each month. This is just to spice up my blog instead of being entirely beauty related. 


Yesterday after visiting Temptalia's website I found out that Sephora's 15% off sale is today,  so I seriously spent most of the day thinking about what to get. Am I lame or what? I have been trying very hardly not to spend so recklessly since college tuition is a b*tch ^.^ Sephora ruined my plan to be a good girl. What is on your wishlist? 

I got back my camera since my brother borrowed it for nearly half a year. I still need to research how to function this baby properly. Look at me, such a badass.....hahaha jk 

Lancome Effacernes Water Proof Concealer 
( Light Buff)  
I have too many newly emerging pimples and scars that I desperately needed to invest in a worthy concealer. I only got one statement for you...I hate puberty.

Victoria Secret
Secret Love
I need to smell good period. Honestly once you smell somebody who reeks, you will always remember that they smell bad. What a great impression ehh? 

Diddy Beats
My brother gave this to me, since he knew that I was in love with beats. Thanks Brother!

You Jealous? 
Yes, I am indeed jealous as well. My brother taunted me by texting this picture while I was studying my butt off. <--- not really :) 

Stickers with my name on it. Squeal*** I proceeded to put it on mostly all the stationary that I owned. That's right even on my pencils. I gotta claim my stuff before those annoying people borrow my stuff and never remember to return them. 

What a sexy song >< 

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Denysia said...

Omg boiling point is sooooo good!! I love their hot pot! :) and yay for getting your camera back!!