Thursday, August 9, 2012

Asia Haulin *Pic Heavy*

Last time I ended the week by posting about Cafe Vanilla. This post is going to serve as a continuation of the Taiwan adventures or the beginnings to a crappy, moneyless future. I went to an abundance of drugstores and never came out empty-handed. I succumb to temptations like no other. Hence, you can already tell that something is wrong with me. lolol

Group Photo

Nail polishes 
Skin Food, Skin Food, Eternal Basic, Revlon Strawberry Milk

Naruko Call Out Anti-Acne Suncreen

The sunscreen has a super liquidly texture. It dries matte which is such a lovely feature. Since girls with acne do not appreciate that extra shine. 

Sofina Whitening Toner and Whitening Jelly Moisturizer 

Vichy Normaderm Acne Treatment 
Weird thing is that I don't actually know what the hell this does. haha Can't read chinese for my life.
Tony Moly Lipgloss 
These bunny lip glosses were so cheap! They costed me around $4 each, so who cares if they aren't moisturizing or pigmented. They will just serve their purpose of being super cute. 

Etude House Bee Happy HandCream  
Just looking that this indeed does let me beecome happy. This is going into my purse no matter what. 

Acnes BB Cream

Curel Foaming Wash

My Beauty Diary Mask
Mixed Berry, Royal Jelly

Im rockin the styles.

 Sooo Attractive~

Thanks so much for putting up with me. I enjoyed writing up this post. :)


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