Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st Haul Post of 2012

Whats Up People~

I have been on a blog obsession where I constantly check and read blogs. I try my best to comment on all the people who appear on my feed first, but of course that is hard and impossible >.< I need to be realistic.  

As my first and most recent goal of 2012, I will be trying to blog more often at least one post per two weeks. I'm trying to set more obtainable goals, or I will just give up like a lazy bum.

Today I'm just going to be sharing some of my haul. So to make the post short n sweet, basically my mom traveled to Taiwan over winter break and returned with some goodies. The End. 

Family Picture

Left: Bioderma H20   Right: Skin 79 Dear Rose BB Cream

  • I just have to say one thing. This BB cream is the BOMB. An intense review/show-down/swatch post will be coming up soon. Stay tuned! 

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes B-4

  •  Esprique used to be extremely popular back with their old palette with the white milky packaging. For some reason, they haven't been selling that well recently. For me personally, nothing really seemed that appealing until I saw this collection. My eyes just got hooked in seconds. I will be swatching these, so I cross my fingers that these won't disappoint. Please! cries* 

 Left: Perfect Gel     Right: Skinlife Makeup Remover

Makeup Pouch

  • My Etude House makeup pouch. I got this as a gift with purchase last summer when I visited Korea. I love how pink and spacious this thing is. hahaha The old man to the right camera whoring :) 

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