Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A little Paul & Joe Splurge

Happy Wednesday!

This week is really dragging and I can't wait until the weekend comes. :P 

I am not sure if you guys know that Paul & Joe recently released their 10th anniversary Kitty Collection. I was super tempted to purchase the blush in the shape of a kitty head but then I know I hardly ever wear blush so I passed that item. It is hard to give up buying a product when you know that you could be one of the "first" people to review it on your blog. Sigh.... All this unnecessary pressure. 

Family Picture
(Purchased from Beautyhabit)

Kitty Pouch 
This baby was free with the purchase of 75+ of Paul & Joe items. 
ok ok... I will admit that I mainly bought some stuff cause I was going crazy for this pouch :P DONT JUDGE 

Paul & Joe Eyegloss Duo 04 Bourgeoisie 
Gift to my dear friend, so no swatches. Sorry~
Paul & Joe Whitening Serum

  • I was finally about to splurge and purchase this item after wanting it for three years. I needed to buy something make my total purchase into exactly $75 since I really wanted that Kitty Pouch. I didn't need anymore makeup so the perfect thing was the Whitening Serum. Look at the gorgeous detail they put into the packaging...faints*  


This was my first time buying things from Beautyhabit and overall a very good experience. I tend to not get anything from them because they are located in California which means that I need to pay more money for the taxes. But I think this was well worth it.  :)

Have you guys tried anything that you absolutely loved from Paul & Joe? 

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Chloweeepow said...

Helllo. Came across your blog and saw this. I recently bought the paul and joe whitening serum too, want to know what you thought of it. I'm a new blogger, hope we can make friends!